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Revenge Spells / Curse Spells

                                                                     Curse or “Revenge” spells

Do you want to punish someone?  Do you want to get revenge for something someone did to wrong you?

No need to worry there is an easy and simple way to take your revenge and even the score. The person who is being cursed won’t even ever find out who has done this to them and how.

This way is a kind of karmic magic or you can even say black magic. Black magic is taken from ancient times and evolved, now it has become very advanced so there are many types of black magic for different problems.

The type of magic used to punish someone is called a “Curse Spell”. It is easy and simple so can be casted by a person of any religion but before casting it is the person should be 100% sure and confident that they want to get payback on the person, as they will not get the desired result if they are not sure.

Curse means to say bad words for someone, whom you want to punish.  For example, in the epic of Mahabharata, Gandhari lost her son and put a curse on Shri Krishna as he thought he was the reason for his death.

In this spell, the person suffers according to the words of the person who is casting this spell. Various tantras and mantras are also used during the casting of the spell. These exact words and phrasing are provided by the spiritualist.

Putting a curse on someone to get payback is the easiest way to take revenge from someone. So for further knowledge and information about this or any other spell, please see the spell casters listed on Wicca-Love-Spells.com

Hex Spells

guest post donated by Sai Arnav

Every person is jealous of the other, as everyone wants to get first in his life in every field. So to get first the person harm the other person by various tricks like juju, witchcraft, black magic, etc. He just tries to harm the person by not only magic, but by any way or any mean.

This all is done, by the person near or around him and he even does not come to know that who have done this to him. Sometimes the person just thinks that GOD is doing it all, because for their karma and sits back and get depressed, which makes him weaker and disable.

However, there is an easy way to get rid of it and to know who have done this to him. This way is known as “Hex Spells”. This spell is of two types “Revenge” and “Justice”. This is related with the health of the person, so by using this spell you are affecting the health of the person, who tried to harm you. It can be casted by the person himself, or if he thinks then he can ask the spiritualist to cast the spell on behalf of him.

Before casting it the person should be 100% sure and confident, as if he is not sure then he will not get desired result. The spiritualist provides various kinds of tantras, mantras, amulets and talismans, etc. to be used while casting the spell. They play a vital role in casting the spell. After using it you will feel the difference in your life.

The spiritualists have all knowledge about every spells, and even their uses and the things that are used during the casting of the spell. Therefore, before casting any spell, you should first take advice from the spiritualist, he will guide you in the right way.